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A comic book is a type of book that is consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels and dialog contained in word balloons.

Manga are Japanese comic books. But sometimes it contains Chinese comics, Manhua, and Korean comics, Manhwa. Because their styles are very similar.

Japanese Manga reads right-to-left, but Chinese Manhua and Korean Manhwa read left-to-right. Traditional Chinese writing style was vertical lines and right-to-left and Japan and Korea adopted Chinese writing system. But China and Korea adopted the European writing style, horizontal lines and left-to-right, decades ago.

Taiwanese comic books also read from right to left same as Japanese comic books.

Webtoons (Hangul: 웹툰) are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea.

Machine translation of webtoons

Now webtoon has become more popular. For instance, you can see thousands replies on Solo Leveling ( ). Webtoons are published as a web service, you can use web technology on webtoons. Contemporary publishers hire translators and translate webtoons into one or two popular languages. And they put their conversation in webtoons and remove sound effects with some drawings and redraw those parts and place the sound effects at the places. It consumes much time and money.

But if you put anchors on the drawing where the conversations and sound effects place and the authors just write text, you can translate them with Google Translate or similar translation services. They you can publish webtoons with hundreds languages without extra efforts.


See the novel article to see Japanese honorifics, Chinese honorifics, and Korean honorifics.

List of comic books and webtoons


A Story About Me Being Reborn as the Heroine in a 18 Rated Otome Game called『Snow White and the Seven Lovers』and Escaping From the Princes With All My Might

Author: Yona Tokiwa (Tokiwa, Yona)

Original: Odoru Doku Ringo (踊る毒林檎, Dancing Poison Apple, Odoru Dokuringo)

A boy entered an otome game. And he changed into a princess. There are many men and they raped her.

【Main story completion】After being assaulted by a tentacle monster and its conveniently aphrodisiac mucus, I remembered my past life. It was then I realized that this was the world of a 18 restricted otome game. It seems that I’ve reincarnated into the game『Snow White and the Seven Lovers』as the heroine Snow White. ――In this game, no matter which route you take you would be caught and violated by seven men eventually. Then you would be confined in a cabin in the forest, and each evening you would be gangbanged by the seven men. I definitely don’t want that! I haven’t even gone out with a girl yet!! ……Alright, let’s run away.

The escaping Snow White and the seven men who chase after her. Sex Object ED, Seedbed ED and the looming BAD ED, and licentious beasts and lewd bugs crowd around her one after another. What will become of her(his?)fate!?

It has a comic book version and a novel version.

English comic books (not free) (not free)

Korean comic books

All Because of You

Author(s): ASAZUKI Norito

Artist(s): ASAZUKI Norito

Nagisa's sex changes when the person is sexually excited. The person has the symptom when the person was born.

Ryo has the symptom when he was about to enter a high school. Ryou loves Nagisa but Nagisa doesn't know what is love because the person doesn't know what is the person's sex.


Aniki To Ore To!

Artist & author: Kurimoti Tiduru

The protagonist is Ryuuma who is a junior of a high school. Shion is a senior of the high school. Ryuuma is weak but tries to keep justice so he always in problems with delinquents of his schools. One day, Shion changed into a girl and got raped by delinquents of his school.

It's a prequel of Aniki To Ore To!.

Yukata To Rape To Aniki To Ore To. Yukata To Rape Hen


Yukata To Rape To Aniki To Ore To. Yukata To Rape Hen


Yukata To Rape To Aniki To Ore To. -Kanzenban-



유카타와 레이프와 형님과 나와. -완전판-

Artist & author: Kurimoti Tiduru

It's a sequel of Yukata To Rape To Aniki To Ore To.


Aoi Kokoro ga Chikyuu o Waru (Hazuru)

(Aoi Kokoro ga Chikyuu wo Waru (Hazuru); アオイココロが地球を割る(削る); 蓝色的心将地球裂成两半(削成); 아오이 코코로가 지구를 가른다(없앤다))

Artist & author: Cha Kurii (Kurii, Cha)

Sudou Souichi is sitting next to a cute girl at school named Aoi, but she seems to dislike him. He hears disturbing rumors of violent things having happened around her during middle school, but he will not be deterred from trying to talk to her. Soon he learns her secret--when she's nervous, she has dangerous destructive powers that act without her control, and which might even break the world! He is unfazed by this revelation and wants to help her, so their hazardous relationship begins!


A story about a swordsman and a white mage who can read the voice of the heart.

Author & artist: saiso_ (Saiso)

It's a story about a swordsman and a white mage who can read the voice of the heart.



Aqua Room

Author & Artist: Gotou Yukiko

Emoto Masafumi (Masa) has a mom Saho and a childhood friend Miyoshi Ryoko. Masa wants to rape his mommy. Ryoko actually likes Masa but she didn't know her real feeling. Masa's delinquent friend Kawano raped Masa's mom and childhood friend.


水色の部屋/ゴトウユキコ - Ohta Web Comic [太田出版のウェブ漫画]

[Manga] 水色の部屋 上下巻 [Mizuiro no Heya vol 01-02] | Raw Manga Download Free




Change! JS Idol

Author & artist: Outsuchi (おうつち)

The word JS means joshi shougakusei 女子小学生, "elementary school girl" in Japanese.



Chi to Hai no Joou

Artist & author: Bako Hajime


Castration: Rebirth

Author: Miyatsuki Arata (宮月新)

Artist: Ochau (おちゃう)

A 16-year-old male protagonist's childhood female friend was raped by 15 men. So the protagonist killed them and he was executed. But he transferred into a parallel world where all men became monsters including the protagonist's another self under an abnormal solar flare. So he now owns harem but he disgusts sex because of the gangbang of his childhood friend. However, there is another herself of the childhood friend in the parallel world.




Daughter of a landlord

Author & artist: Hwalhwasan (활화산) & Andrew (앤드류)

A male protagonist has a childhood female friend. She is a girlfriend of the head of the delinquents of the school and he was bullied. She usually treats his sexual desire and the head of delinquents knew that fact so the protagonist had to fight the boyfriend of his childhood friend.


Doutei Zetsumetsu Rettou

Author & artist: Kawasaki Junpei

A new virus was spread so males that are 18 years old or older than 18 and are incels have high fatality due to the virus.



Every Mom - Elementary School Mom and Adult

Author(s): TSUZURA Ryou

Artist(s): TSUZURA Ryou

It's a story between a hentai female adult and a female child.





Author & artist: Ninomiya Masaaki

When a police officer is posted to a remote village in the countryside, little does he realize he's encroaching on a community of a cannibals...

The prior policeman was killed by the villagers. The incumbent policeman is a protagonist. The protagonist's daughter was raped and killed and eaten by people of the village. His big breasted wife also got raped by them and they cut her boobs and clitoris and labia and ate the meat and fat.


Gakuen Saikyou No Yankee Ga Nyotaika!? ~Omaera Ore No Chichi... Mondenja Nee!!~

(학교 최고 불량아가 여체화!? ~응석을 부리며 나의 가슴을 문지르고 있지요!!~)

Author & artist: Yotsuba Chika

A male school delinquent changed into a female. So his rival delinquent and his childhood friend have tried to rape him.


Gakuen Saikyou No Yankee Ga Nyotaika!? ~Omaera Ore No Chichi... Mondenja Nee!!~ 1

Ganbaru! Stalker

Author & artist: Itou Hiroaki

A stalker girl and a boy's love story.



Griffons (그리폰즈; Gryphons) is an author and artist of Galaxy!.

Later, it changed its name to Galaxy and its author also changed his name into Griffon (그리폰; Gryphon). And Griffon's drawing skill is not good so he hired artists.

The 1st series' artists are Nyanpagong (냥파공) and Guaki (구아키) but later changed to Babugeureo (바부그러).

The 2nd series' artists are Nyanpagong and Babugeureo.

The 3rd series' artist is Altari (알타리).

Extraterrestrial aliens invaded the earth and human counties were destroyed. Human beings were captured as slaves but one of them was rescued by another alien and she was adopted as a foster daughter.


Galaxy! (Initial series)

Galaxy (Published versions with professional artists) (login needed)


Heroine wa zetsubou shimashita

Author & artist: Chida Daisuke

It's a story about a high school girl who gets transported to a virtual reality where she gets killled by monsters & returns to the real world, again & again. She needs a boy's help to fight back the monsters and survive. But he wants to harass her sexually as exchanging his help.

CHIDA Daisuke is an author and artist of Ijousha no Ai (異常者の愛).


High school girl with a selfish body

Author: 小鳥働たかあり; Takaari)

A high school boy was abducted by a evil group and under operation (surgery) and became a strong high school girl.



Hitori Asobi

This book is Kido Jirou's work.

A protagonist Sakurai has liked Tamura Sana for ten years since he was a high schooler. He has used her as a fap material. When he was fapping, she appeared from ten years ago!


Hazama-kun is Sittin' on the Fence!

It's Itakura Azusa's comic book.

Hajama likes Satomi who is his coworker so he confessed his feeling. But she never answered. And he saved Nonomiya Kyouka, a high school girl, on the train and he was confessed by her. So he decided to go out with her. Just after that, he was also answered "Okay!" by Satomi so he thought thers is no way he refused one of them. Then he also goes out with Satomi!



Author & artist: Chiyo

High school student Sachiko is bullied daily and is the recipient of constant unpleasant pranks in class. The culprit is unknown, however, in truth, to Sachiko those days were not particularly painful. That is because her beloved Aida-sensei is there to save her. Bright, handsome, and with a strong sense of justice, he is popular with everyone. Of course to Sachiko he is her special hero. However, Aida-sensei has a secret...



Insaeng Jonmang (My life failed)

Author: Park Tae Joon (박태준)

Artist: Seonwook Jeon (전선욱)

A protagonist was a bully when he was a high school student. So we went to back his high school life and became the bullied guy.


If you were a virgin until you were 30, you became a magical girl

(30歳まで童貞でいたら魔法少女になりました; 三十岁还是童贞的我成为了魔法少女; 30살까지 동정이었더니 마법소녀가 되었습니다)

Author & artist: Akiresuken (アキレスけん; 아킬렌스 켄)

A man that had been an incel (involuntary celibate) till he was 30 was transformed into a mahou shoujo (magical girl).




Ijimerare~"Onnna" no boku to kainushi sannin~

Author & artist: Saotome Mokono

Boys bullied a male protagonist and he changed into a girl. And then they raped him.


Ijimerare~"Onnna" no boku to kainushi sannin~ by saotome mokono

イジメラレ~「女」の僕と飼い主3人~(5) by saotome mokono

イジメラレ~「女」の僕と飼い主3人~(8) by saotome mokono


Inakei Nanako-san

Sou had sex with Koharu. Later, Sou found that Koharu is his aunt Nanako!

Author & artist: Asagi, Ryuu (Ryuu Asagi)


Ijimekko to Ijimerarekko no Bitter na Koimonogatari

This is Tetora's comic book.

A bullier and an outcast became a family because their parents remarried. Later, the male bullier got a feeling of affection to her.


Ikenai Kazoku Asobi

Artist & author: Chinzurena

A dad fucks his girly son. A trap son should get raped by his dad.


Itai Onee-san wa Suki Desu ka?

Author & artist: Wakana

Shiori Itai is a 26 year old woman who works as an office lady. Single, but aspiring to find love one day, she suffers from a big flaw: she constantly looks exhausted, jaded... in short: at the end of her life! Every time she undertakes something new in her daily life, this aspect of her personality as well as her extreme awkwardness are missing...


Isekai Cheat Kaitakuki

Author: ファースト

Artist: NAKAMURA Morris

A male protagonist reincarnated into a fantasy world and became strong. His sister loves him. It looks like he will make his harem.



I can view others' affinity stats, but she has maxxed out the affinity meter!

Author: Kina Oyama

Artist: Ryosuke Komaki

High-school student Touma Kirisaki can view his affinity stats with other individuals after an incident. Acquaintances are around 30, friends are around 70.

Even though he is confused about these affinity statstics, he found out that one of the four goddess at school, Jiufen Momoka, has maxxed out the affinity count-!?

The perfect girl has fallen in love with me, why?!



I was supposed to never fall in love with you

Author(s): IKADA Katsura

Artist(s): KASHIWAGI Ayano

A plain guy who attends a prefectural high school in Minamisou in the Chiba prefecture, Iijima Yasuki, lived through gray days in his Science class.

Despite this, on the last night of the study training camp just before summer vacation, he helped the school’s number one beauty, Kitaoka Ema, when she was in trouble.

Now for some reason Ema has become pleased with him. However, she only talks to him outside of school. In the classroom she pretends not to know him.

Just what is Ema thinking?

There is a hierarchy in the school, with a disparity between a plain-type glasses boy and a flashy-type girl.

Two existences that were supposed to run counter to each other; a passing love story.

There is also a comic book of this novel.

Korean comic books


Joshikousei no Kimi wa Boku

Artist & author: mushiba

The protagonist's future himself visited his past self being. And he wants to marry himself because he won't get married!


Josou Pandemic

Artist & author: Shinagawa Mix

Now the fashion trend in Japan is otokonoko (trap)! Every boy wears girls' clothes!




Kako no Anata wo Yuukai Shimashita

Author: Aguni Tsubasa

Artist: Nekoi Yasuyuki

Crime victims traveled to the past and kidnapped the criminals and punished them.


Kami Naki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudo

Original Writer: Ake Shiro AOI

Written and Illustrated: Hantsuki Ban Sonsho

The protagonist is the son of the head of the cult. He was sacrificed and transferred to another fantasy world.



Kinsou no Vermeil ~Gakeppuchi Majutshi wa Saikyou no Yakusai to Mahou Sekai wo Tsukisusumu~

(金装のヴェルメイユ ~崖っぷち魔術師は最強の厄災と魔法世界を突き進む; Kin Sou no Vermeer ~ Gakeppuchi Majutsu-shi wa Saikyou no Yaku Wazawai to Mahou Sekai o Tsukisusumu; 金装的维尔梅~濒临堕落的魔法师和最强的灾厄一起冲入魔法世界~; 금장의 벨메이유 ∼벼랑 끝 마술사는 최강의 재액과 마법세계를 헤쳐나간다∼

Author(s): AMANA Kouta

Artist(s): UMEZU Youko

Alto who was dangerously close to repeating a year ends up invoking a magic formation from a book he found by chance and summons a demon named Vermeil who had been sealed.

A student at a school of magic school which was on the verge of retirement · Alto summoned a sealed demon · Vermei as a result of activating the magic team of the book found by chance ermei is a very unhealthy older sister with a mighty power that can be said to be a misery!? The rocky magician walks with the strongest magical monster walking! The fantasy opening begins !



Kuu Onna

Author & artist: Amazume Ryuta

A female protagonist seduces and kills trashes of the society.


Kon'na no, shiranai

Author & artist: Nashizuki Uta

A freshman of a university has a female cousin. He starts to live at her home till he finds his new home. He loves her and raped his 6 year older cousin.


Kuzu to Kemomimi

Author & artist: Shippo Sugi

A female protagonist has animal ears. In this world, animal eared people are traded as slaves. The male protagonist bought her and tortured her. He tried to rape her but she denied him.

Kuzyo ia s nobleman. Mel is an ewe eared human being. An ewe is a female sheep. Kuzyo bought Mel as a slave. He bullied and tortured her and tried to rape her. So she dislikes him. Later, he realized that he loves her.


Kogetsu no Yume

Author and artist: Rei Toma (藤間麗, Toma, Rei, Rei Touma, Touma, Rei)

It's a story about a female half human half beast and a prince. It's an one-shot. It serialized to Ou no Kemono.



Love and Heart

Author & artist: Kaidou Chitose

My heart is yours.” “Yagisawa Hitsuji, a first-year university student living alone, becomes roomates with a handsome boy named Haruma. But for some reason I can't remember the past with him !? After meeting Haruma again, a little disturbing change began to occur around Hitsuji...? It ’s a bit weird, but it ’s a bit weird! Romance thriller opens!




MM is Hiryuu Ran's comic book. Ikuyo Aikawa is the protagonist's maid. When she was young she was married a big conglomerate's owner's son. But her father-in-law made them be divorced. Later, she bought fake identity and she got a job from the house. So she worked as a maid of the house.

But the grandfather and protagonist don't know she is the mother of the protagonist. His mother help her master fap to make him happy. One day, his grandfather died, so he got depressed and then he raped his beloved maid though she resisted.


MM Ch. 1

MM Ch. 2

Metsubou Sekai de Aku no Kagakusha to Ai wo Hagukumanai to ikenai you desu

Author(s): IWAAKI Haru

Artist(s): IWAAKI Haru

The Earth was destroyed by a giant meteorite and the only humans left behind were the "evil scientist" Noir and the "Saint Warrior" Mirei, enemies who once fought over the Earth.

As Mirei tries to carry out justice in a desperate situation, Noir suggests, "Let's create a new planet by having children".

While Mirei tries to decline the enemy's unexpected suggestion, it doesn't seem to be that bad altogether...?




Artist & author: Gujira

A new policewoman has been sexually molested by molesters on the train or somewhere to capture them. She became a lure to snare them.

Marusei and Marusei!! are different comic books.


Murakami Kaizoku no Musume

Author: Wada Ryou

Artist: Yoshida Shirou

A daughter of a pirate pillage and kills people.


My mom is a female university student.

Author: Mchalo

Artist: Surfade (서페이드)

My mom came to my university as a freshman! She was sexually harassed by students and a professor. And finally she was raped by men.


Mamori Mama Wa O Yobi Janai No!?〜 Isekai Musuko Hankoki 〜

(まもりママはお喚びじゃないの!?〜異世界息子反抗記〜; Mamori Mama wa Oyobi ja nai no!?: Isekai Musuko Hankouki; 마모리 엄마는 부르지 않았는데!? ~이세계 아들 반항기~)

A middle school student son went to an isekai with his mom. She's so sexy so she gets harassed sexually by men and raped in the fantasy world.

Author & artist: Rikoshe Gou




Natsuki-kun wa Kyou mo Kirei

Author(s): 9ºC

Artist(s): 9ºC

Natsuki-kun is a male cross-dresser. The protagonist is a university student and he wants to fuck Natuski-kun!


Negative Harem Island

Artist & author: Hara Kyuugo

A protagonist, Tooru, is a friend of a hot guy, Yuu. Many girls like Yuu and he was abducted. So 11 girls and Tooru went to an island to rescue him. But they were killed one by one. Tooru likes Shiori Yukizono.



Nanaoku En wo Te ni Ireta Boku ni arigachi na koto.

It's Kawamura Taku's comic book. The protagonist won a lottery 700,000,000 Yen (6,303,780 US dollar). So many bad girls including self-proclaimed younger sister and his childhood female friend approached to him to squeeze money out of him.




Ore no Sonna Toko Torunaa! ~Nyotaika Ikemen no Junan~

(オレのそんなトコ撮るなぁッ!~女体化イケメンの受難~; 내 그런 곳 찍지마! ~여체화 미남의 수난~; 나의 그런 곳을 찍지 마! ~여체화 미남의 수난~; 재수 없는 그 녀석, 여자가 된 나를 덮쳐버렸다)

Artist & author: Fuuga Yuyu

There are two fashion models. They are rivals. One of them turned to a woman. So Another one rapes her.



Onakura no Yuurei-san

Author & artist: Adobenchara

The protagonist can see ghosts. One day, he saw a female ghost. But actually she isn't a ghost. It was his classmate's sprit during her sleep.


Onnanoko Switch

Author & artist: Fumika Natsume (Natsume, Fumika)

The male protagonist palys with the lewd female transfer student sexually.


Oshikake Maid Shirayuki-san

Shirayuki came Yoichiro's house as a maid. So Yoichiro can harass her sexually. He has younger brother Ryunosuke. Yoichiro likes Haine Ririka. She also showed her interest into him.

The author of this book is Morishige.


OSHIKAKE MAID SHIRAYUKI-SAN RAW – Read raw manga online | マンガをオンラインで読む


One-night Stand Wife

Author & artist: yoolook (유룩)

A male protagonist raped another guy's fiancee when she was drunk. She got pregnant twins so her fiance broke their engagement.

One-night Stand Wife -another story- (하룻밤 아내 -another story-) is youlook's another webtoon.

Korean (One-night Stand Wife)

Korean (One-night Stand Wife -another story-)

Only I know these guys are women

(こいつらの正体が女だと俺だけが知っている; 이 녀석들의 정체가 여자인 것은 나만 알고 있다)

Author & original work: Nekomata Nuko (作者 & 原作: 猫又ぬこ)

Manga: NEO Kusano (漫画: NEO草野)

Character draft: Corporal (キャラクター原案: 伍長)

A protagonist thought that his two childhood friends were guys but they are girls! They hide their real identities so he can sexually harass them!





Author & artist: Carn

Its story is similar to Otomedori. There is a rape and NTRR (NTR).


Photomedori by carn - Read Online - hentai doujinshi |


Author & artist: Ieul (이을), Tarcho (타르초)

A father-in-law sexually harasses his daughter-in-law disguised in dementia. And a male protagonist stalks her.


Push has become an official stalker

Authro & artist: Seo Miinosuke (瀬尾みいのすけ)

An idol bacame her first fan's stalker.




Author & artist: Gunzo Pizu

In the future Japan, a female subject of a scientific research kills people.


Phantom Lady Beauty

Author & artist: Tashiro Tetsuya

Since day one, Myodo High School student Sudo Yuma has been repressing his erotic feelings towards his fellow female schoolmates in order not to attract the so-called “Ero Phantom” rumored to stalk the corridors and classrooms. Then one day, a new transfer student arrives and gets placed in his care.


Paradise of Y

Author: Tsutsui Kousuke

Artist: Takahashi Naoki

As a result of a scientific research, a new virus was invented. It turns females into a bitch and makes males dead.


Paradise of Despair

Author: tos

Artist: Yuuhei Ogino (Ogino, Yuuhei)

In the early summer of his 17th year, his mother passed away. Among the busy day to day life it was only her smile that filled up the hole in his chest that was expanding little by little. In the peak of summer the boy was taken away to "paradise." Underground labor, rotten food, fanatic believers, there was only but one method to escape this hell. Dedicating false belief and deceiving all.






It's Mashiraga Aki's comic.

Kuze is a male protagonist. He fell in love with Komai Yuki at first sight when he was a child while she was swimming. He and she are swimmers of their school swimming club. Yahagi Tomiko is a member of the club and she has a boyfriend. But she has an affair with Kuze. Komai got an accident and her legs doesn't work well so she can't swim well now. So she bacame a manager of the swimming club.

After the accident, Kuze said that he wanted go out with her but she felt that it was sympathy so she refused. Later, a coach Kanie of the club rescued her when she tried to kill herself in the school pool. And the coach raped her. Kuze knew the fact that she was a sex friend of the coach, so he threatened her and he raped her. But actually she has had good feeling of Kuze, maybe love?, since she saw him swimming when she was a child.



Rental Kanojo Tsukita-san

It's Shigure Tokita's comic book. The protagonist hired a rental girlfriend Tsukita. She is beautiful but she is a mentally retarded person and has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). But she didn't sell her boby as a whore.




Ssaum Dokhak (Self-study Fight)

Author: Park Tae Joon (박태준)

Artist: Jeonghyeon Kim (김정현)

A protagonist is weak and poor and is bullied at school. He found a secret NewTube (YouTube) to teach how to fight.


Seishun no After

Author & artist: Midori No Rupe (緑のルーペ, Midori no Ruupe, 미도리노 루페)

Makoto Toba hates everyone in his class. Everyone except, Sakura Touwa, an introverted high school girl who lives with her grandma and loves video games. But one day, Sakura disappears right in front of Makoto? Makoto has visited the site of her disappearance on the anniversary of her disappearance for the last 16 years. That is, until Sakura comes back from the time slip she was stuck in, and to her not a moment has passed. Now at 32 with a girlfriend, Makoto has to take care of his 16-year-old childhood crush. What could possibly go wrong?

Japanese (日本語; にほんご)


Shi no Game

This book's author is Hokazono Masaya and its artist is pikomaro.

Shu (or Shuu) and his girlfriend Haruka volunteered a test of a virtual reality game.



It's Hiryuu Ran's comic book.

Yuu's family traveled two years ago and he lost his father in the trip. And his mother lost her memory and she confused his son as her husband. So he raped his mother.


Saenai Riman to Yankee Joshi Kousei

Author & artist: Tamaki Nao

It's a love story about a man and a next-door high school delinquent girl.


Sobiwaku Zero no Saikyou Kenshi Demo, Noroi no Soubi (kawai) Nara 9999-ko Tsuke-hodai

(装備枠ゼロの最強剣士 でも、呪いの装備(可愛い)なら9999個つけ放題; 장비 슬롯 제로의 최강검사라도, 저주받은 장비(귀여움)라면 9999개까지 마음껏 장착 가능)

The protagonist has been cursed so he can't use magical artifacts.



Shounen no Abyss

Author & artist: Minenami Ryou (Minenami Ryo)

It's a romance stroy between an idol and an ordinary high school boy.


Shuffle School

Author(s): HORI Yuusuke

Artist(s): HORI Yuusuke

Shizuma Suzumori had a normal high school life until one day, a serial killer attacks the classroom.



Though I'm a misogynist, I went to a girls' school in the isekai world.

Author & artist: Dorian Panda (도리안 판다)

The current world and the isekai world were connected each other. A male protagonist transferred to a girls' school in the isekai world. He's a misogynist, but only one girl in the school he doesn't feel hate. She must be an otokonoko. And he also doesn't feel hate to his mom so it means he loves incest.


Three Years Apart

Author & artist: Shimazaki Mujirushi

I don't like the difference of three years! Childhood friends Mizuki and Kazuya are three years apart in age. "The difference between the two is that the two of us are going to draw an unknown epidemic in their school days.


Too many arrows around me

Author & artist: Yoshiie (Semimogura)

The protagonist reincarnated into the contemporary fantasy world as a girl. Might the protagonist have been a boy? She can feel as being touched when she was gazed by other people.

The male protagonist also has a special ability so they could be friends.


Taming My Wife

Author & artist: Papajohnson (파파존슨), JIM

A male protagonist raped a woman that came to a night club for the first time by using sleeping pills. She lost her hymen. And the they got married. He brought her to other men and had them raped her. At later, they knew that they are childhood friends.


Three Sisters

Author & artist: Manjijak (만지작)

A male protagonist fucked his friend's three daughters. Even one of them may be his daughter that was made by an adultery of his friend's wife and him. So he raped his real daughter and penetrated her hymen.


Though I'm a maid of a court, I pulled the holy sword!

Author: 言炎 (겐만)



The Day After the Hero Who Returned

Authors: Tsukiyono Furudanuki, Yoshizawa Megane

Artist: Otoya Kurumi

A Japanese male university student was summoned to a fantasy world. And he returned to Japan and then his new harem life in Japan started.


The Villager of Level 999

Author(s) HOSHITSUKI Koneko

Artist(s) IWAMOTO Kenichi

In this world, the concept of levels exist. Other than those who live off defeating monsters, most people are only around Level 1 to 5.

What's more, not just anyone can go out to hunt monsters; it's heavily influenced by one's role appointed by God. There are eight such eligible roles. Warriors. Fighters. Clerics. Magicians. Rogues. Merchants. Hunters. Sorcerers.

Those blessed with extraordinary power are divided into three types. Royalty. Heroes. Sages. But for the majority of the population, they have no such powers and live by farming or running shops. Towns are developed by those with the weakest role... Villagers.

For the powerless Villagers going out to hunt monsters is equivalent to committing suicide. But one day, a certain two-year-old child given the role of Villager notices something.

Once you defeat a monster... you can earn great wealth.


The Greatest Maou Is Reborned To Get Friends

Author: Katou Myoujin

Artist: Kobota Misuho

History's strongest demon king uses magic to reincarnate into a normal villager but he's still OP.


The Failed Swordsman Who Became the Strongest After Spamming the 100 Million Years Button

Author(s): Shuichi Tsukishima (月島 秀一, Shuuichi TSUKISHIMA)

Artist(s): Mokyu (もきゅ)

A mysterious old man approached the Swordsman who is on the verge of dropping out of his academy with the “100 Million Years Button”. A magic button, when pushed, will have the same effect as having trained for 100 Million Years. The Failed Swordsman doubtfully pushed the button, and the very next moment he felt a tremendous power surging through his body. Thus he pushed the button many times over – he spammed it.

It was a cursed button. The moment he pushed it, he was trapped in a “Time Prison” of 100 million years. 100 years passed, he was fortunate enough to train. 1000 years passed, and he had forgotten why he was swinging the sword. 10 000 years passed, and he had stopped thinking.

100 000 000 years later, he became a fleeting existence and finally returned to the real world. At the same time, the memories of 100 million years spent so far were erased, and all that remained were sword skills which were honed to their utmost.

“I can become stronger just by pressing a button!” – he misunderstood and spammed the 100 million years button and each time he would curse at his own foolishness. As he continued to loop through 100 million years of hell, he realized something.

“If I can cut this world, won’t I be able to get out of here…?” Hundreds of millions of years later, he “cuts” the prison of time, and escapes from the 100 million year loop.

This is a story about the Failed Swordsman of the Swordsmanship Academy who manages to clear away the stigma attached to his reputation, displaying his swordsmanship which has been honed to the pinnacle his name will soar to the top of the world.

Indonesian comic books

Korean comic books


Until I Become Me

(いじめっ子がTSして仕返しされる漫画; Ijimekko ga TS Shite Shikaeshi Sareru; 괴롭히던 아이가 TS되어서 보복당하는 만화)

Author & artist: Hazuki (葉月)

It's a sequel of Until I Become Me (Ore ga Watashi ni Naru made). A male protagonist bullied his classmate. One day, he changed into a girl so he became weak. So she transferred to another school. Ten years later, she came back her hometown. So the bullied boy sexually harassed his prior bullier.



(Ore ga Watashi ni Naru made; オレが私になるまで; 내(オレ)가 나(私)로 되기까지; Ore ga Watashi ni Naru made (Pre-serialization); Until I Become Me (Pre-Serialization))

Author & artist: Hazuki (葉月; Satou Hatsuki; Hatsuki Satou)

It's a prequel of Ijimekko Ga TS Shite Shikaeshi Sareru Manga. For ten years story about the female protagonist of Ijimekko Ga TS Shite Shikaeshi Sareru Manga. She was a boy and she bullied her classmate when she was a boy. He changed into a girl and weak so he transferred to another school. Ten years later, she came back her hometown. It is the story about the ten years how she became a real girl from a boyish girl.





Villain Daughter Level 99 ~I'm a Back Boss but Not a Demon King~

Author: Satori Tanabata

Artist: Tea

A female protagonist reincarnated into an otome game world.




When I was reincarnated in a different world, I became a heroine and my friend became a hero

Author: Mizunomoto

When a protagonist entered a fantasy world, he became a girl and his male friend became strong.



Witch's Hot Spring

Author & artist: Hori Hiroaki

A male protagonist tried to kill himself but he found a hot spring with many female ghosts. He can fuck any of them to ascend them.


Watashi, Danshikou Shusshin Desu.

A real story about a male transgender. He thought he was a female but he had to go to a male school.


The original story is written by Ayana Tsubaki. He wrote his own story.


Woman that cannot refuse

Author & artist: Ninety's Magazine (나인티스 매거진), Ganadara (가나다라)

A female protagonist can't refuse other people's requests. So she ended to show her boobs, panties and finally was raped by men. At last, she became a public toilet of her company.


Who in the World Is the Namelessness?

An author is Yamada Kanehito and an artist is Okazaki Kousuke.

Takeba and Kakeruji Tabane lost their memory. Takeba was maybe a leader of any revolutionary group. Kakeruji's past was mystery but she has excellent combat skills.




Yankii musume ni natsukarete kotoshi mo juken ni shippai shisou desu

Author & artist: James Hotate

A dull protagonist doesn't study even he failed his university entrance exam. He usually fucks a delinquent girl instead of studying and he wants to fuck his female teacher in a cram school. You have to study, idiot!





It's Kido Jirou's book. A supernatural person can rewind time. He killed Tamura many times. A protagonist Kasaka Jyo likes her so he tried to save her.



2-Jigen Sekai No Seiteki Ijime Jiken Kiroku In Usagiyama

The original comic book is Tamako Market. A grade schooler Anko Kitashirakawa was raped by her classmates. Anko liked Yuzuki but he transfered to other school.


2次元世界の性的いじめ事件記録 in うさぎ山@アニぼん | アニぼん:同人誌が読み放題


2-jigen Sekai no Seiteki Ijime Jiken Kiroku in Usagiyama - Read Online - hentai artistcg |

7 days of cumbersome future bride

Author & artist: Kiri Kizamu? Getsuyou Yasumi.?

I picked up something that seems to be a runaway girl. Next to the convenience store tobacco vending machine. The protagonist, Katsuki Hirakat, who thought she would get involved in a crime if she let down her cardboard hand-made bill that says “Please pick it up”, reluctantly thought it would be troublesome Take it home and protect it. She makes a joke even if she hears the background of running away from home. The two of them promise to stay together for a week for a limited time, while exchanging conversations that do not mesh. At the end of a cohabitation life that is not familiar to each other, the two.





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